Implement a struct with single Rectangle with index parameter for each view to start and stop the animation programmatically via publisher with PassthroughSubject is passed as a parameter — which sends stream of values from their origin to it’ subscribers. The PassthroughSubject's subscribers can use this information to update the state of the UI or to handle the occurred event. In .onReceive will have access to the value sent by the publisher to act on to update the UI state.

@State Variable animate is set to true or false based on the value received from the publisher to control the opacity of the RectangleView

Next, create ProgressView( see the references link below) with @state currentIndex,publisher variables. In it’s .onAppear pass the value via publisher to the it’s subscriber RectangleView in this case

PassthroughSubject takes AnimationStatus enum to start, stop at particular index and completely everything.

References :

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